Big In the 80s/ and 70s cover band

I was a keyboard player in Big in the 80s cover band. We’ve performed in a variety of different venues and private parties in Cardiff. The band performed from April 2017 to January 2019.

A short period of time in 2019 I was also a keyboard player at the 70s cover band. The band split up.

Saue Music School – If I Ain’t Got You cover

I got my classical piano education from Saue Music School, Estonia where I was taught music theory, classical piano, scales, music history etc. This is a concert from 2016 with regard to International Music Day



Girl From Ipanema

2012 Guitar – Girl from Ipanema cover. Peep Ojaveski/Inge-Helene. I don’t consider myself as a guitar player but am capable of playing it if needed.

Girl From Ipanema link

Wave cover – 2011 link

In this project with Saue Music School Jazz band I play the drums. Recorded live in 2011



11111Interested in leaerning piano_ (1)

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